Photography is my profession, my pleasure and my passion.

photograph by Aidan Kunze 2017

Although I may be defined as a professional photographer, I have the heart of an amateur.

I have too much fun exploring and learning every day. I prefer not knowing exactly what is going to happen.

I thrive in experimentation. I eagerly look forward to every photo shoot as an adventure.

Photography is a mixture of science and magic.

That's what makes it rock for me.

My work has won awards form professional and artistic organizations. It has been included in fine art exhibitions, museum exhibitions, encyclopedias and has been published in magazines around the world.

I have also been

an unemployed actor,

an employed actor,

a veteran of the United States Navy and

blessed with three children (who all have jobs!).

If you have a project you'd like to discuss,

please contact me.

all images c 2019 George J Kunze

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